About Us

Established in 1905 and restored in 2013

In the mid-1800’s, the villages of East Haddam began bustling with new residents and businesses. Among those entrepreneurs was our fearless founder, Lee Luther Brockway who established the Hadlyme Country Market on Brockway Ferry Road to accommodate those traveling by steam ships and ferries. In his day the market was all about hospitality and bringing the community together for food and lively discussion. Around the turn of the century, Lee knew that times were changing as new roads were being built not too far from his store’s location – he could tell that boats were OUT and cars were IN. Ever the trendsetter, in 1905 he moved the market to its current location on the corner of Ferry Road (a.k.a. Route 148) and Norwich-Salem Road (Route 82).

Flash forward to the 1980’s when our current co-owner, Lisa Bakoledis, began working at the Hadlyme Country Market and Store, spending her days serving coffee and daydreaming of one day making it her own. This store has always felt like home to Lisa. With their combined powers, Susan and Lisa create a warm, cozy, friendly, and handy market where neighbors would congregate. Today, they are bringing the 1900’s back, and encouraging us all to slow down, enjoy the coffee, and feel welcomed into the family.


I was instantly taken by Lisa’s style and way with people, and we became fast friends. She lights up a room and makes anyone and everyone feel welcome. She’s got so much experience working in customer service and merchandising, and she’s even been a much loved preschool teacher! Lisa is the quintessential people person. From the moment we met, it was obvious to me that we would be perfect business partners. While I run the show behind the scenes, Lisa provides the classic Hadlyme old fashioned hospitality.


Everything Susan had accomplished in her life has prepared her to run this very special market and store, from fashion, to hospitality, to being a force behind several local renowned establishments. After we traveled around Europe together for four weeks, I knew we were going to be friends for life. We’d always talked about working together again, and the Hadlyme Country Market was the perfect place for us to restore and reinvent.